2015 WAYFA Schedule

WAYFA Pee Wee Division Rules

The following rules will apply to the Pee-Wee Division (ages 5-6) respectfully* subject to change


A valid birth certificate for each player must be on file with each organization’s

Directors/GM or the player cannot be on the roster. Playing age will be determined by

player’s age as of July 31st- all player information must be in the League’s player roster information book on file at every game. (WAYFA penalties will apply)


There will be a 65lb weight limit on skill players, (if a player is over this weight he will be considered a lineman and must wear a number (50-79) with their hand in the dirt.


1. Pee Wee games will have four (4) ten (10) minute running clock quarters controlled only by the Official’s clock or designated person. Two-(2) minute time outs per half, clocks still runs with a five (5) minute half time break.

The clock will stop during the game for the following reasons:

_ Team Timeouts (Two (2) per half for each team)

_ Penalty

_ Player Injury

Typical Game Play-Field set up-Areas of Note

  • All games will be played as scheduled by WAYFA and will be played after the senior (11-12) division game and are subject to change. Game rules to officials will use High School Rules except when a Pee Wee rule is stated which modifies the High School rule.
  • All Pee –Wee games will be played on an (80 yard) football field. (Simply move your pylons up into the field of play end zone expands)
  • Officials will only call train wrecks- safety issues, and fouls that affect the direct impact of the play-side
  • 2 coaches for each team are allowed on the field at all times to call plays(Off & Def.) once the huddle breaks, and the player is ready to take snap all coaches can no longer instruct players and remain quiet until play is over.
  • A ball that is used in the rookie division can be used for Pee-wee games.



_ Touchdown = 6 points

_ Conversion = 1 point (Run)

_ Conversion = 2 points (Pass)

  • There will be no Kick Offs at any time during the game. The ball will be placed on the

30-yard line to start the game, at the start of the 2nd half, and after any successful scoring attempt.

  • Punts will be a 20yd walk off (clock still runs) can’t go inside 30 yard line on any punt


  • If the Offense takes a lead of eighteen (18) points on the opposing team (18-0), the WAYFA league Mercy Rule takes into effect and the game is essentially over, clock will be reset to zeroes and play can continue until game time has run out- clock will continue to run. Coaches will use best judgment to move players around to ensure time is given to players-game official will also have final authority in ensuring good sportsmanship.



  • The defensive line must be lined up head up (guard to guard etc.) the first contact must be with the player that is directly in front of the other player (no contact on the center!) (Player must make initial contact then engage other player.
  • LB must be a min of 3yards from L.O.S.
  • No QB sneaks up the middle. (If player QB runs around the ends this is legal)
  • Coaches must ensure lineman work on hands in dirt
  • Schedules- see VP of WAYFA

Playoffs- locations TBD

1 v 8, 2 v 7, etc.

Pay Scale-

$30 for Pee-wee per official that works this game

Travel pay is for one official only that corresponds to existing pay scale travel.


No comment statement or representations made can supersede the requirements of any Bi-Laws, ordinances or applicable rules or regulations of WAYFA.

2015 WAYFA Schedule

August 29th

Hillcrest @ Hale County

Holt @ Aliceville

Tri-County @ Greene

Bryant @ Brookwood

Bibb @ Central

Greensboro Gordo

Northport @ Demopolis

Sipsey @ Pickens

September 5th

Aliceville @ Hale County

Holt @ Hillcrest

Brookwood @ Greene

Bryant @ Tri-County

Gordo @ Demopolis

Greensboro @ Sipsey

Bibb @ Northport

Pickens @ Central

September 12th

Holt @ Tri-County

Hillcrest @ Bryant

Greene @ Aliceville

Hale County @ Brookwood

Central @ Demopolis

Northport @ Sipsey

Bibb @ Greensboro

Gordo @ Pickens

September 19th

Hillcrest @ Greene

Hale Co @ Tri-County

Bryant @ Holt

Aliceville @ Brookwood

Sipsey @ Gordo

Pickens @ Bibb

Demopolis @ G’boro

Central @ Northport

September 26th

Hillcrest @ Aliceville

Brookwood @ Tri-County

Hale County @ Holt

Greene @ Bryant

Gordo @ Northport

Pickens @ Greensboro

Central @ Sipsey

Demopolis @ Bibb

October 3rd

Greene @ Hale County

Aliceville @ Bryant

Tri-County @ Hillcrest

Brookwood @ Holt

Greensboro @ Central

Demopolis @ Sipsey

Northport @ Pickens

Bibb @ Gordo

October 10th

Bryant @ Hale County

Holt @ Greene

Brookwood @ Hillcrest

Tri-County @ Aliceville

Northport @ Greensboro

Demopolis @ Pickens

Central @ Gordo

Sipsey @ Bibb


August 22nd



1st Round- October 17th

2nd Round- October 24th

3rd Round- October 31st

Championship Games- November 7th

North Division



Pickens County

Sipsey Valley

South Division


Greene County

Hale County


West Division

Bibb County




East Division






Standard Game Times

Rookies- 9:00 AM

Juniors- 10:15 AM

Seniors- 11:30 AM

Peewee- 1:00 PM












1st Round



Greene County


2nd Round





3rd Round

Bibb County

Bibb County




Hale County

Hale County

Hale County

Hale County